smssend RPMs


What is smssend?

smssend is a command line tool which lets you send short text messages called SMS (Short Message Service) to GSM type mobile phones. It does this by utilizing internet gateways to such services on a script basis.

smssend's homepage is, so check it out there.

RPM packages

All I provide here are RPM packages of this tool. They're for RedHat Linux installations, but may also work on SuSE and Mandrake.

This i386.rpm is built on RedHat 7.3, and should work on stock 7.3 and 8.0. This implies not only that it requires glibc-2.2.5 or higher, but also rpm (the program) version 4.x. Likewise the i686.rpm, which is built for i686 machines (i.e. Pentium III, Pentium 4 and Athlon, if I'm not misinformed), and may not run on older machines. It is untested, sorry, I don't actually have an i686 anywhere.

Furthermore, there's an i386.rpm which is built for newer Rawhide. (If you don't know what Rawhide is, this package probably isn't for you.) In particular, it requires openssl-0.9.7 (i.e. and, which also pulls a chain of kerberos libraries (package krb5-libs) along with it. I also have an i586.rpm (may not run on i386 and i486 computers).

Furthermore, these packages require the pcre library, which is in the package "pcre" on RedHat, and in the package "libpcre0" on Mandrake.

You can build the package for your RPM based distribution or your platform by taking the generic RedHat src.rpm or the Rawide src.rpm and building your own binary target:
$ rpm --rebuild /path/to/smssend-3.2-1.src.rpm
$ rpmbuild --target=myfavoritearch --rebuild /path/to/smssend-3.2-1.src.rpm
I don't provide the base for building version 3 format RPMs anymore.

You need the "pcre-devel" package to compile smssend from version 3.1 on. This is called "libpcre0-devel" on Mandrake. You may have problems if you are building on RedHat, as they hide their headers in a curious place. Good luck! ;-> I may try to create a patch for smssend in the near future which works around this RedHat problem.

Depending on your configuration, you may have to be root to build your own RPM package. Check your rpm documentation. I have built some of these packages as non-root.

If you already have the source code, and know how to build RPMs yourself, you may only want the SPEC file (for rpm >=4.x and >=3.0.6), or the SPEC file for RedHat Rawhide. If you have an older version of rpm, I don't provide SPEC files for those anymore. You can try the SPEC file for version 3.1 which should work for all versions of RPM - untested! You do require the old source code from smssemd's homepage, and the old source for the utility library SkyUtils. To build with my spec file, you also need the patch skyutils-2.0-define_SU_PrintDebug.patch and the icon file smssend.r380world.xpm, or you have to comment them out in the SPEC file (assuming your smssend builds without the patch).

Here are the packages:

smssend-3.2-1rh73.i386.rpm (139894 bytes)
smssend-3.2-1rh73.i686.rpm (139993 bytes)
smssend-3.2-1rh73.src.rpm (469825 bytes)
smssend-3.2-1.i386.rpm (137099 bytes)
smssend-3.2-1.i586.rpm (137147 bytes)
smssend-3.2-1.src.rpm (469613 bytes)
Have fun!
Moritz Barsnick,