grepm - the grepmail/mutt helper

What is grepm?

grepm is a little wrapper script to assist in using grepmail with the MUA (mail user agent = "mailreader") mutt.

What is grepmail?

grepmail is a utility which can grep (i.e. search) through mbox-style mailfolders, outputting the matching emails. The special things about it are: It is written by David Coppit <> and can be found at David Coppit's homepage is found at

What does grepm do?

grepm passes your arguments to grepmail, and then passes the output from grepmail to mutt. This includes producing a temporary file (as mutt cannot to my knowledge handle standard input), aborting if the result is empty (i.e. there are no matches), and deleting the temporary file. It also cleans things up in case something abnormal happens (e.g. you kill or abort grepm, or some other error occurs).

What good is grepm?

grepm gives you back your usual view of the things - in a mailreader. (If you are used to mutt, that is.) Especially, you don't get harrassed by MIME, attachments, or QP (quoted printable). Mail is reformatted into something readable. It accepts any options which your version of grepmail may accept.

Where can grepm be found?

Right here: grepm

Don't forget to put it in your path and change its permissions to executable. A working version of grepmail has to be in your path as well.

Why a whole web page dedicated to a stupid little script?

I dunno, I guess I was too lazy to integrate it into my other outdated pages. And I wanted to dedicate something to it, in case people kept asking. I like thinking I can contribute. :-)


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